Vicar to mark 90th birthday with grueling Land’s End to John O’Groats charity fundraising challenge for homelessness.

For nearly 50 years, Access has actively supported thousands of individuals and families facing homelessness across the region.

This August, retired 90-year-old vicar Peter Langford will be undertaking the epic Land’s End to John o’Groats challenge to raise money and awareness for the growing number of people struggling each day.

We are so thankful for his efforts to help support the vital services we provide across #Suffolk and #Norfolk every day.

Please take the time to listen to his story and give what you can.

With three children and six grandchildren, Mr Langford has spent months training for the iconic end to end challenge, admitting: “Cycling makes me 30 years younger.”

He hopes to raise £50,000, with proceeds to be split and donated between Lowestoft-based regional charity Access Community Trust and the Salvation Army.

Mr Langford said: “Reflecting on my life so far, I am truly thankful that I have not had to worry too much about money, my health, or a roof over my head, but times have changed significantly from when I was young.

“Today, there are so many people and families struggling with the bare basics.

“If I can raise awareness of the cause and my supporters donate what they can, together we can make a real difference in many people’s lives.”

Michael Francis, fundraising co-ordinator for Access Community Trust, added: “Peter is an incredible and inspiring individual.