The provision is accessible for those who would like support throughout their journey with neurodiversity.

Belonging, Enriching, Adaptable, Neurodiversity Support is what Beans stands for and it is exactly what it says on the tin!

It is an early access intervention support service that provides support to children and young people aged 5 to 18 who are presenting signs of the neurodivergent conditions autism and ADHD.

We also work with the parent carers and siblings to ensure a more holistic approach and wraparound support based on the Community Circles framework.

Our team have a wealth of both lived and learned experience, we have navigated the world of neurodiversity in both our personal and professional roles and have a strong belief that the voice of lived experience is at the heart of all we do.

We have a door-ajar policy meaning children, young people and their families can dip in and out where needed and access some of our services in an ongoing manner, we do not limit the length of time the work we do may take, we understand that this will depend on each child and young persons circumstances and working at their own pace.

Our service is only available to those who reside in East and West Suffolk as part of the NDD pathway.

Facing Neurodiversity, Together.

Our support offerings range from young peson support (for 11-25s), sibling support (any age), parent/carer support, outreach events/activities, as well as groups and drop ins.

With support, understanding and kindness we can help you through whatever challenges you’re faced with.

Visit the Beans page here for more information |

STEAM House Cafe's

STEAM House Café’s our trusted mental health hubs, with easily accessible wellbeing & mental health support on a high street near you across Norfolk & Suffolk.

Each STEAM is individually styled to meet the needs of the local community and we currently have 4 hubs, across Norfolk & Suffolk.

Each cafe provides guidance, support and personalised pathway plans, which are mindfully coproduced over a period of time with our team, to enhance future wellbeing for the client.

STEAM provides person centred intervention assistance to support primary services across Suffolk and Norfolk.

For more information about STEAM visit the dedicated website

Waveney Leaf

The Waveney LEAF is the result of grounding discussions, ideas, values and learning into reality, and is the result of ongoing collaboration with the Waveney community.

The LEAF works closely with statutory services to ensure diverse voices are heard and valued in decision making processes, and through regular meetings, workshops and collaboration sessions amplifies the voices of lived experience in the ongoing mental health service transformation.

Our community facilitator hosts groups and wellbeing activities across local towns and villages, creating opportunities for meaningful connection and supporting access to services through signposting, information, advice and guidance.

Working closely with local services such as the DWP, NSFT, local businesses and volunteers we are helping to identify and reduce isolation and create spaces for connection and community, where all voices are valued.

Jade also hosts a monthly wellbeing walk, the fourth Thursday of every month in Lowestoft – More information can be found here.

For more details please contact our LEAF community facilitator Jade Drinkwater at


The Junction

A safe space in Lowestoft, providing free advice and guidance from our welcoming youth workers for young people aged 11-17 years old.

The Junction provides free advice, mental health guidance and wellbeing support from mental health youth workers in a safe welcoming space in the heart of Lowestoft town centre.

The hub is open to any young person aged 11-17, and support is given in the form of assistive one to ones and group workshops.

Dedicated social groups, free wifi, gaming, musical instruments, a sensory corner and arts/crafts are also available.

Our service does not have a waiting list, and referrals can be made by dropping in, whether for a 1:1 or accessing the service.

You can make referrals by contacting 

01502 527200 or email

Located at 119 Bevan Street East, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 2AG | Follow The Junction on Instagram @thejunctionlwt or Facebook /The Junction – Lowestoft

You can find more of our mental health & neurodiverse services via our community hubs.