Allotment Project

Access Community Trust are the proud guardians of a wonderful allotment, where we work with young people and adults either individually or within a group without the pressure or confines of an office or classroom environment gaining physical exercise, fresh air and vitamin D that may be otherwise lacking in their daily lives.

The allotment is a learning environment, promoting introduction to new vegetables, growing cycles, nutrients, crop rotation, fauna, flora and animal habitats and we teach young people how to eat a healthier diet at a much reduced cost while getting beneficial exercise.

Working within a group or team with a common goal and camaraderie gives young people the opportunity to have fun in a low pressure environment in an environment andĀ surroundings rich with nature. Coupled with the associated exercise this activity and environment is often prescribed to improve wellbeing.

Please contact Gary Pembroke on 07789586912 or at for further information.

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