Walk with us…

The audio tour can be experienced via the FREE Echoes app.

Walk with our Head Gardener Ian and enjoy an audio tour of the historic Venetian Waterways, the ornamental gardens and boating lake by downloading the Echoes app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for you smartphone or tablet.

Instructions for using Echoes:

1. Download the Echoes app.
2. Create a free account and log-in
3. Make sure GPS/Location services is enabled
4. If you are close by you will see ‘The Venetian Waterways’ listed under ‘Near You’ otherwise use the magnifying glass icon to search.
5. Download the tour and get walking!

• When the tour opens follow the map and walk to the blue blocks, which mark each stop. If you have Autoplay turned on in the app then when you reach the blue block the audio segment for the stop will automatically play. If you do not have Autoplay turned on then tap on the blue block and press play to listen to the audio segment.

• A small number of Android phones may not automatically pick up the tour when you are in the Great Yarmouth area. If this is the case then search for “Venetian Waterways” using the search menu within the Echoes App. You will then be able to open the tour.

• Depending on their GPS capabilities, a small number of phones may not automatically play the audio segment when in the area of a stop. If this is the case then either walk around the area until the segment is triggered or turn Autoplay off and tap on the blue stop on the map to play the segment.

• The tour is set up to begin at the southern entrance at the junction of North Drive and Sandown Road. This is the location where the Introduction will be played. If you begin the tour from any other stop and want to listen to the Introduction then turn Autoplay off and tap on this blue stop on the map to play the segment.

• In the top righthand corner of the app there are four bars. If these are tapped on then each segment can be seen. If Autoplay is turned off then the audio segment can be played by tapping on its listing.

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