Access’ Employment services have a record of helping people find and hold onto jobs.



Bridgeview provides information, advice and guidance to help you when you are wanting to go back into work.

Computers are available for job searches, job applications and to access universal credit journals.

Bridgeview opening times: Monday 08.30-4.00pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 08.30-5.00pm, Thursday & Friday 08.30-4.30pm. Saturday 09.00-12.00pm.

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Access @ The Crossing Thetford

Access @ The Crossing Thetford

The Crossing is part of our information, guidance and advice services for the purposes of supporting members of the community with getting back into work.

Free of charge services where appointments are required.

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With your support, you can help us develop new services in response to emerging community and individual’s needs. It is our goal to support the most vulnerable in our communities and be there for them in their time of need. By making a donation, you can help us to achieve this.


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